Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Numbers Speak For Themselves...What Do We Do

Just computed statistics on the 129 blogs I’ve written since March 12, 2012, and found that I have had 14,413 pageviews, since that date, which averages out to about 111 people having read each blog. What does this revelation have to do with anything. Well,  in terms of numbers, it means that out of over 6 billion people on the planet, there are only about 111 people that read each blog.

As for me, it serves as a reminder that I have work to do, cause I’m still allowing myself to get caught up in how much attention I’m getting, rather than how much focus I’m putting on the lives of others. And as reflected in a blog dated April 17, 2012, entitled ‘Seeing Me In You’,  “Behavior doesn’t change overnight, but I’m going to purpose from this point on to respect rather than begrudge, to relate rather than compare, to build up rather than tear down”.

Another blog entitled “Facebook Is Real…Are You”, written June 29, 2016, spoke directly about our afflictions with and addictions to how many ‘friends’ and ‘likes’  we accumulate on our facebook page(s)., and here I am, the very next week, concerned with how many people read my blogs. It’s a reality check y’all, and I’m so elated that God has blessed me with another opportunity, to see how easy it is to get caught up in the matrix of virtual reality, and thereby disconnect myself from the sunshine of the spirit. 

The following is the introduction to the webpage “Time To Holla Back”, and was not intended as a blog. It’s listed as one however, with 41 pageviews by the way, and it speaks volumes to the message being conveyed here. Here’s how it goes:

“Like to thank all of you for accessing my blog, and hope that we can all connect to the spiritual consciousness inherent in us all, and fulfill our obligation to share our experiences, strengths, and hopes with one another. 
Love Ya’ll     Love: “The act of being one”

I still feel the same way y’all, still gon try to be one with all of you as I continue to write these blogs, and request that you feel free to holla back whenever you detect me falling short of that endeavor.

I’ll holla…

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Facebook Is Real...Are You?

Once we announce that we have 4,999 ‘friends’, whenever we mention how many people we have defriended, and boast about how quickly we have replaced them with new ones, we’ve been compelled into thinking that facebook is ‘real-life’ and not the virtual reality that it has always been. We’ve begun to believe that those who are not as conscious as ourselves, will remain in the dark until they listen to what we have to say. 

It stands to reason then, why so many of us don’t go to sleep without first checking how many likes we’ve received on our latest post(s). It’s understandable as well why we wake up in the morning and check our page before getting out of bed, and it gives credence to why we’re facebooking at breakfast, on the way to work, on our sanctioned and unsanctioned breaks, at lunch, on the way home, and time and time again before going to sleep.  

Facebook is a social media, that can assist us in expanding whatever endeavor we’ve undertaken. It’s a mode of networking, that’s at least equal to any means we’ve employed thus far, and it can take us to a level where beings all over the world, and perhaps beyond, can be exposed to who we say we are, what we claim we’ve done, and what we assert that we’re about to do.

We already know that facebook is exponentially increasing the number of people we’re capable of reaching, and we want to believe that we’re making a positive contribution to other people’s lives, The fact of the matter is that facebook is doing what we want it to do, but what about us. Can we honestly say that we are actually living the messages that we are trying to convey. If you believe that you are, I challenge you to challenge yourself.

Take a selfie, and prior to going on facebook when you wake up in the morning, look at that picture of yourself and say to it…“Today I’m going to do something that benefits another. Then, at some time during the day, do just that. Call or text somebody you haven’t talked to in a minute, give a homeless person a dollar, say hello to a stranger, or do whatever your ingenious mind can come up with to uplift somebody other than yourself. 

Then at night, after checking your facebook page, look at your selfie again and say… “I’m proud of you. Today you made someone else’s life better as a result of their having been in your presence. Try that methodology for at least a week, and I guarantee that you won’t be as concerned with how many so called friends like what you say, as you are with how much of a real friend you’ve become. 

Let facebook do what it do, as we try to become more than just the image of us that we’ve put on display.

I‘ll holla…

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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Every day                                                        It might be a hello,
it’s a new day,                                                 Or a how do you do.
Where we can look at life,                              Or a gesture or a smile
In yet another way.                                         That says I see,
Where e can eliminate                                    And I care…
The drudgery of before,                                  About you.  
And acccept our capability 
Of being much much more.  

Today is the first                                              There is no lack
Of the rest of our life                                       Or unfulfilled need,
We ain’t gotta  give in                                     When we look at what we have
To toil or to strife.                                            And not  succumb to greed.
Let’s just focus on the beauty…                     By looking at our physical
Cause that comes without a price.                 Our mental and
                                                                        Our spiritual stuff,
You see you don’t have to pay,                       We’ll totally understand
To have a good day.                                        That we have more than enough
All you gotta do is see                                              
Every moment,                                                So y’all join me right now
As an opportunity to share,                             In celebration of,
As a way to demonstrate,                                This joy filled day...
That you really do care.                                   And by making a vow
                                                                        To keep it that way,
So I’m gonna give                                           By being our spiritual selves,
All that I got,                                                    And not just a lump…
And not view it from                                        Of metaphysical clay.
The perspective, 
Of a little or a lot.
But from seeing myself as the                          I’ll holla….
I have…. 
giving to the I have not.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I know y’all are just as tired as I am of people like Tupac, Michael, Prince and others dying of questionable causes, and then trying to figure out what happened to them, after the fact. Here we are theorizing and hypothesizing, discussing and concluding, yet we have no viable grounds to work from. Fact of the matter is, the best we can do is to have an opinion of what occurred, and take it from there.

Tupac did an alleged expose on the illuminati, and spoke of how they are a major proponent of the inequity that exists within race and class, Michael unabashedly repeated time and time again that “…they don’t really care about us”, and both he and Prince waged a major war against multinational entertainment conglamorate Sony, and theoretically won. They, and many others, of celebrity and non-celebrity status, have fought and died for what they believed in, and although I don’t have the insight and acumen of Dick Gregory, of one thing I am sure, even though we don’t know the half of what’s really going on, we have the resources and wherewithal to not only find out, but to do something about what ain’t on the up and up, and what ain’t in the best interest of us all.

How? Let’s stop talking about what Jay Zee and Beyonce are on until we talk to them. After all we get information about them, from the same source that informs us of what happened to Whitney, and we don’t believe that, so why are we even considering what’s being said about Beyonce having all of a sudden become a black activist, and  about to tell Jay Zee that all his stuff is “…to the left.

Let’s start looking at ourselves and literally asking our selves…”What you on. What you doing about you. We spend way too much time vicariously living our lives through others. We’re rying to make them who we want ourselves to be, we’re putting them down when they don’t live up to our expectations, and then we cry when they leave this earthly realm and say to ourselves…” That ain’t right what they do to our people, and then they lie about what happened. Who is they? It ain’t the illumanti, it ain’t the powers that be, it ain’t the one percent…It’s us Boo, cause we’re allowing stuff to happen and contributing to its perpetuation by not being all that we can be.

Once we get even a vague idea of who we are, once we make a decision to be better today than we were yesterday, and once we purpose to unconditionally give of ourselves to others, we won’t have time to be looking at somebody else’s life, cause we too busy looking at ours. You see, if I’m in your mind then I’m out of mine, and can’t do anything about either of us. However, if I’m working on me, it don’t matter what you doing cause I’ll be able to constructively deal with whatever’s going on, with you and everybody else.

We can stop being tired of what’s happening to us, by adamantly addressing what’s going on inside us, and then collectively resolving what’s going on around us.

I’ll holla…

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Do It From The Space You're In

Altruistic individualism’ is the phrase from which I shall contextualize this essay, and what it implies is ‘unselfishly interacting with another by being yourself’. Brilliant concept as far as I’m concerned, but applying it to our everyday lives is another story. Individualism is a reality that permeates both our conscious and subconscious thoughts, and the phrase, ‘It’s all about me’, fittingly describes how we usually lead our lives. 

In this world that we are all a part of, a competitive way of thinking is promoted and sustained from nursery school to the time we leave this plane of existence. Success is viewed as the ongoing accumulation of wealth, and our every waking moment is spent on proving how right or better we are than somebody else, and we pay little or no attention to how our actions might affect another. Our focus, for the most part, is on what we call ‘makin money’ or ‘gettin paid’, and this self-centered mindset diminishes our concern for the well being of others.

Let me borrow a portion of the Gestalt Prayer, attributed to the psychotherapist Fritz Perls, to indicate how we might consider viewing our relationships with others.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I,
and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.

My contention is that, at birth, each of us was divinely endowed with the gift of a unique selfhood. By simply living life we will attain certain strengths, weaknesses, thoughts and aspirations that are common only to us. Each day we spend here is not for adhering to the thoughts and opinions of others, but for the realization of who we are, and how we can use our gift, that is hopefully expanding every day, to achieve the objectives for which we were created. 

When we are trying to be our true selves, our paths will inevitably cross with the one(s) who are on the same page at the same time that we are. By coming together as one, we can create the beauty that is inherently present in our diverse yet collaborative mindset(s).

We don’t have to strive and struggle to get together with others in order to make  positive changes  in this universe of ours. We just need to stay focused on the space we’re in, while constantly attempting  to appreciate, honor and sanctify that space. It is in the process of doing so that our competitive nature will naturally subside, and altruistic individualism will be the result of our doing the best we can with what we have.

I’ll holla…

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

White Privilege...It Ain't Personal

Let me set the record straight by stating that ‘white privilege’ is not a Black concept, it’s a reality. White folks didn’t ask for it, they didn’t earn it, but it was given to them by virtue of their being white. When the races were set apart hierarchally, to justify the system of black slavery in colonial America, ‘white privilege’, an offshoot of white supremacy, was inadvertently established and continues to perpetuate itself. By simply being born white, one is automatically placed on the high end of the social stratum. It’s  as true today as it was yesterday, and will continue to be so until even the very idea of race is no longer an issue.

I say this to every white person on the planet..regardless of your socio-economic position, regardless of your level of education, regardless of how fair you think you are to people of other persuasions, the fact of the matter is that being white gives you an upper hand when it comes to dealing with social issues. You can go just about anywhere in the world without having to prove your right to be there, and/or explaining the purpose and intent of your presence. As for others, unless you’re invited, you’re prone to being scrutinized in stores, restaurants, schools, white neighborhoods, or anywhere where white people have staked a claim. But for black folk, being on the bottom of the invisible hierarchal scale, we are looked upon as  being ‘racist’ for even bringing up the notion of inequity

My contention is that white privilege makes white people feel that they’re ‘right’ in regard to their perception of people of color, even if they don’t realize that this mode of thought is a result of an innate advantage that they may not even realize they have. What emanates from being in this state of existence is a sense of entitlement, and as long as others (black folk in particular) stay within the boundaries of where the one who is ‘privileged’ expects them to be, then everything is all right. However, in most cases, as soon as the non-privileged one speaks contrary to what is believed by the privileged one to be ‘right’, there’s a problem. That’s when the non privileged ‘other’ becomes the perpetrator, and the privileged one becomes the victim. The ‘other’ person is then looked upon as an ungrateful child who is expected to behave better and show more appreciation for the alleged ‘victim’s’ efforts to make them feel accepted and loved. 

Well let me inform you of how I, one of the ‘others’, actually feel about my present state of being. I feel restricted to sharing my true feelings only with people who have also experienced them. I’ve done my best to share them with you, white people, because you’re the ones who are in a position to both understand and do something about them. Up to this point you’ve been listening but, despite your belief to the contrary, you’re not really hearing what’s being said. 

Almost inevitably, when I’m in the company of a white person, and I even suggest a feeling of racial disparity, what results is a response that exemplifies the statement, “I’m not like that. Don’t put me in the same category as racially biased people.” Well guess what white people, you’re already in that category, and we all are by virtue of us being whatever color we are, and subjected to the values that this racist society imposes upon us. In order for us to reach an equitable understanding, we’ll have to accept our societally imposed position, and stop expecting others to adhere to whatever opinion we’ve formulated of them no matter how true these opinions may seem to be. 

White privilege is real, and if you’re white, you’ll never be black. You’ll never fully understand what it’s like to be a person of color, so if you’re as concerned about my well-being as you say you are, then you’ll listen to and respect my right to have an opinion about you, and at least be willing to try and understand that opinion before taking it as a personal affront.

I’ll holla…

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There’s also a link that features a multicultural group of men addressing each other on the ramifications of white privilege. To check it out copy and paste the following link to your internet address box.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Yeah, I'm Talkin To You

Lot to do. 
Not enough time.
Maybe I’ll drink some wine.

Yeah, I got time for that.
A little weed perhaps.
Maybe smoke some crack.

Now you might be asking “What is this, some kind of addiction or rehabilitation scenario?” Well, not quite. What it is… is an abstract analogy of how we live our lives on a daily basis, sometimes unawaringly. Let’s say we’re on a project, ranging from cleaning house in Irvine, to writing a proposal to offset the gang violence in Chicago. All of a sudden we come to a standstill. Why? Maybe we broke a nail, lost our train of thought, or whatever might have occurred that suggested we could be doing something else. So now what do we do? We whine about the lack of time, we conceptualize a need that we really don’t have, or we just sit there with a ‘what now’  mindset.

The opening poem points out how we might visualize people who choose to take the ‘high’ road, in response to the aforementioned situation, while neglecting to look at our own mode of travel and thus realizing that we share the same path minus some of the ‘stimulants’ that they might have chosen. We don’t drink, or only do so on the weekend or after five PM during the week, and since it’s only two PM on a Wednesday we start whining about being under too much pressure. We don’t smoke weed so we search for a means of saying ‘f*@#  it” without the aid of an herbal enhancer. Crack is out of the question, so we don’t indulge in that particular chemical outlet , but we still feel whack, cause we can’t make a decision on what we’re gonnna do. 

Let’s face it. It’s not just those we consider to be addicts who attempt to resolve issues in this manner, because we’re all addicted. We’re addicted to a desire to feel good, all the time, and we inadvertantly do whatever it takes to maintain that status. What we forget, like every so called substance abuser forgets, is that our sensual gratification comes not only from what we do, but also from how we feel about what we’ve done. True happiness and feeling good comes from within, and if, at any given time, no matter what we’re doing, we can focus on doing what we do, without being concerned about how others or even ourselves guage the value of what we’ve done, then we can make it through the day and sleep at night knowing that we did the best we could with what we had to work with.

Again, we’re all prone to doing whatever it takes to feel good. My contention is that once we become aware of who we are, and come to believe that whatever we’re doing, we’re doing the best we can at that moment, we can begin feelin good right then, and can contiunue to do so until we decide to do something else. Let’s face it, whatever we choose to do, and however we feel about doing it, is ultimately a matter of choice. In a nutshell, here’s what all I’ve said sounds like…

Doing all I can
With what I got
And right now…
I don’t need nothing else

As a matter of fact…
I’ve got so much,
That I can give,
Some of it to you.

Ya heard?

I’ll holla...

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