Monday, November 23, 2015

Room For One More

We're surrounded by space, yet people all over the world are subjected to overcrowded conditions. There's talk of population explosions and subsequent food and water shortages.  These issues are being addressed here in America, perhaps inadvertently, by alternative birth control methods fueled by the unjust incarceration of millions of young men and women, who have committed relatively minor crimes. Then there's the millions of people dying at a very young age in Asia and Africa, because of their having been subjected to the lack of child labor laws. These situations are not being discussed because we are overly complacent when it comes to the well-being of others. After all, they don't seem to affect us, and they do offset the alleged problem of not enough room.

The truth of the matter is that there's plenty of room on this planet for all of us, and perhaps billions more. I've travelled for miles and miles, right here in California, and seen nothing but land. The same holds true for other parts of this country, and Europe and Africa as well. The word is that a lot of this land is uninhabitable and incapable of producing crops, but with all the available technology, and brilliant minds, I cannot believe that there's no means for housing and food production all over the world. 

The trouble is that there's not enough of us cultivating our hearts. We are so focused on the so-called problems of our past, and the preconceived difficulties of our future, that we lose track of the fact that we're still here and thereby have an opportunity to make things work to the benefit of others. I'm so grateful to those who have already unlocked their hearts, and are attempting through their artistic and creative talents, to make us aware that there are unlimited possibilities available to each of us, to make life better for us all.

Each one teach one’ as the saying goes, and if we go through life with that intent we must be ever mindful that our efforts are not in vain. Of course it gets rough sometimes, and we occasionally think that we are not doing enough. Don't get discouraged. cause It always gets greater later. And whether you see it or not, please believe that if LOVE is your intent in the things that you do, simply because of having heard, read, or actually been in your presence, someone else's life has been enhanced. 

And please, please, please…never forget that no matter how crowded it may seem to be, just be still for one moment, and you'll be able to see that because there's space in your heart for one more, collectively this vision will somewhere somehow…. make room for one more…all over the globe.

I'll holla...

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Monday, November 16, 2015


As a self-proclaimed philosopher, I’m always questioning our existence. Who we are and why we’re here is what I want to know. I also see myself as an exhorter, and thereby spend a considerable amount of time trying to encourage others to believe in themselves. It is with this in mind that I implore you to consider the what, when and how of your particular manner of living.

What, in your opinion, is really going on in this world of ours. Is it Love, Peace and Happiness or is it Hostility, Chaos and Despair?

When do memories of the past, and fears of an unknown future, cause your optimism to give way to the negativity that is so easily brought about by our thoughts alone?

How do you feel about the metaphorical cards that you’re being dealt on a day to day basis? Do you usually receive a winning hand? Or are you, in your opinion, getting most of the time, a bunch of useless car that have little or no value at all?

Now the whats, whens, and hows are my own philosophical inquiries, and here’s how I view them… Everything works out, exactly as it’s supposed to, when we take part in the work. Just be prepared for the outcome to possibly take a long time, and for the result to not necessarily be what you desired or expected.

Life is fair. It doesn’t always seem to be so because we’ve been trained to focus on self and not on the relativity of our situation. We’re so busy asking why is this happening to me, that we don’t even stop to consider how our response to what’s happening will affect others. After all, everybody is going through stuff all the time, and when we lose sight of that reality, our stuff will always seem bigger and more difficult to resolve than everybody else’s. 

At times I feel blessed by the lessons I’ve learned, because it enables me to see the role I played, in causing whatever happened to take place. Yet, more often than I’m comfortable with, I feel the need to stand guard against the conflict and pain that might occur.  What I’ve resolved to do thereby, is the best I can, with whatever I have to work with, and view the outcome not as what it should or should not be, but as what it is.

Who I am, is an integral part of the WE. Why I’m here is to contribute my unique gift and talents to the welfare of all, regardless of what others are saying or participating in. Ironically,It’s all about us, not me. And if I continue to remind myself that taking things personally hinders my growth, it becomes easier for me to live life as it is and not how i think it should be.. I can’t change what others say or do, but I can accept them for who they are, and do what I can to benefit us both, with or without their help. Why? Because ultimately, that’s the only benevolent choice I have.        

I’ll holla…

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Do It When You Do

Had a few plans for today, that didn’t work out as intended. Got up about 8:00am, did my postures and sounds, then after eating breakfast and watching Wendy Williams, I wound up on Facebook. Before I knew what had happened, it was 5:24PM, and I was just getting started on this blog, which was only one of the intended plans.

Haven’t we come up with some great thoughts and wonderful ideas ya’ll? Have you ever been by yourself somewhere, or in a deep conversation with somebody, and all of a sudden a thought that seemed beyond your capacity to even imagine, came to mind? After realizing that you need to do something before you forget, you wrote it down, store it in your memory bank, or put it on your to do list and vowed that some day, in some way, you’re going to make that thought become a reality.

Now I’m not just talking of those giant thoughts. I’m speaking of the little ones as well. You’re sitting in the living room and you notice all the dust and tiny bits of debris under the couch. Or you’re in the bedroom and you see cake, cookie or some other kind of crumb on the carpet. Maybe you’re in the bathroom and see small strands of hair in the corner. It’s evening time though, you’ve had a relatively busy day, and you say to yourself, “I need to address that, first chance I get…on tomorrow.”

Well, here it is tomorrow, and everything is the same as it was yesterday. Last night’s intent to tidy up is still pending, but there are so many other things, like eating, watching TV, or relaxing, that you’d be better off if you did right now. These things wind up  being all you’re gonna do, cause you’ve had a relatively busy day, doing other stuff that you don’t even remember having done.

Everything’s okay though, cause at some point company’s gonna come over, and you already know that once they let you know they’re coming, you’re gonna do something in the way of tidying up before they get there. That great idea you came up with? It’s also gonna manifest, even if it takes 20 years, cause it’s going to keep popping up in your mind until you do something about it.

What do I think about all this? Nothing. I got enough on my plate right now without attempting to come up with some intellectual or philosophical ideology, that will only gives me more stuff to do.  All I have to say for now is reflected in my friend Jean Ann’s voicemail..

"Hi, this is Jean Ann.  I'm out living life to the fullest and I hope that you’re doing the same.  We're living in wonderful times and in troubled times.  But life is still extremely exciting."

Life actually is exciting, and I’m going to live it as it comes. As for the plans I had earlier, I did write this blog. As for the other plans, as long as my not doing them right now doesn’t cause anybody any harm, I’ll just do them…when I do.

I’ll holla…

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