Thursday, August 4, 2016


So many times we look at our life situation and ask the questions, “Why me?” and “How long do I have to put up with this mess?” It’s then that most of us answer with the apprehensive yet standard responses of “Why not me”. and “This too shall pass”

Every day it seems that we’re confronted by more stuff, and with all the stuff we have yet to finish we feel the need to let somebody else handle our business.  Yet, in spite of our unwillingness to do one more task, we allow our egos to convince us that nobody can do, what we do, as well as we can. What does it all mean. It means that we’re caught up in a system that makes us believe that we, as individuals can change things.

From raising our children, to getting along with our significant other. From building  our communities, to making the police accountable to them. From addressing institutionalized racism to dealing with its aftermath. They’re all we things y’all, but I can’t adequately collaborate with another until I’m true to myself.

We must realize that if something is going on that is not right, the first thing we must do is ask ourselves what role we’re playing in it. It’s up to us to ask ourselves “Am I really doing all I can to make things better. Am I looking at what they’re doing wrong before assessing what I might be doing that is contributing to the problem?”  After all, no matter how much we fight it, each and every one of us succumbs to that selfish, unspoken idiom “it’s all about me”. Well, as paradoxical as it may seem, it is all about me and if I do what’s necessary to change my outlook and subsequent behavior, things will work out, for me and everybody else.

Before we have an interaction with our child or life-partner, before we make a decision to work with others on social injustice, or prior to participating in a discussion that can affect all of mankind let’s ask ourselves how committed are we to doing whatever we might endeavor to do. How much do we LOVE the people that might be affected by our decisions? Are we willing to give all that we have in order to fulfill our mission? Can we accept constructive criticism, and are we able to put our thoughts on hold while we objectively and wholeheartedly consider the feelings, ideas and input of others.

Once we start and continue to reassess who we are and what we need to work on in terms of self, once we make honest and concerted efforts to change ourselves for the better, the world can’t help but follow suit, while we, in the meantime, can walk without fear and doubt in the knowledge that righteousness will prevail, and that until it does, we’ll know how to deal with whatever might take place in the process.

I’ll holla…

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