Monday, November 28, 2016

You Better Know What You're Standing On

Do y’all really think that Donald Trump can change the direction we’re headed in. Well think again because he’s like every other president since Abraham Lincoln. He either does what he’s told, or has to face the consequences. Now I believe that Obama and some of the others before him did what they could to make our difficult situations more palatable, but they were all bound and restricted by the folks behind the throne whose primary objective is to control all and everything that exists. We, on the other hand, blame the government and its appointed leaders for our problems, but that’s because we believe they have jurisdiction over what takes place both here and abroad. Don’t get it twisted, Trump is not in charge. He just wants more of what they have, and thereby is more easily manipulated and willing to do what he’s told.

There are three things that are used to control us, and they are: Money, Military and Religion. What hapens is that those with the money protect it with a militarily backed government, and cause us to believe that they are supposed to be in the position they’re in, because an unseen higher power has ordained it. Then we respond to this distorted view of spiritual reality by giving our time, our money and our consciousness to corporate, governmental, and religious entities who funnel these forms of energy right back to those who set up the three forms of control in the first place.

Then there are two principles, that coerce us into, and help to maintain an unconscious means of submission, Those being Division and Fear. Now race is the primary means of keeping us apart, but there are so many other factors like economic, social, political, and religious differences, that cause us to become fearful and feel that the only way to maintain our well being is to stick with the people, that are most like us, and stay away from those who seem different. 

So in regard to what just took place in America, we wound up splitting a decision on who to vote for, and now unknowingly believe that Donald Trump is going to decide our future. STOP y’all. The plan for our future was decided long ago when a few people put an heirarchal blueprint in place and we bought into it. Now it’s just a matter of keeping us divided and focused on what we see, trather than investigating, revealing and sharing with each other what’s really going on.

How do we do that ? Stop falling for the hype. Global warming, water shortages, pollution, oil and drug cartels,and nuclear threats do indeed exist, but the real problem is those that control  them. The earth will take care of itself. Tsunamies, earthquakes, hurricanes and other so called catastrophies are only the earth responding to our reckless abandonment, and cleansing itself of our debris. No nuclear holocast can destroy the planet because all the nuclear power that’s in place cannot destroy what it was created from.The issue then, is not saving the planet, the issue is what role are we going to play in saving ourselves.

Now no one man’s action can destroy all of what we supposedely stand for, i.e. liberty and justice for all. And I’m going to continue to read, research, and communicate with all who are willing to exchange information, while at the same time asessing and reassesing who I am and my role in what is taking place. My contention is that as long as each of us continues to unconditionally share our experiences, our strengths, and hopes with others..we will colllectively insure the well being of our future. That’s what I’m standing on, how about you….

I’ll holla…

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