Saturday, May 14, 2016


Every day                                                        It might be a hello,
it’s a new day,                                                 Or a how do you do.
Where we can look at life,                              Or a gesture or a smile
In yet another way.                                         That says I see,
Where e can eliminate                                    And I care…
The drudgery of before,                                  About you.  
And acccept our capability 
Of being much much more.  

Today is the first                                              There is no lack
Of the rest of our life                                       Or unfulfilled need,
We ain’t gotta  give in                                     When we look at what we have
To toil or to strife.                                            And not  succumb to greed.
Let’s just focus on the beauty…                     By looking at our physical
Cause that comes without a price.                 Our mental and
                                                                        Our spiritual stuff,
You see you don’t have to pay,                       We’ll totally understand
To have a good day.                                        That we have more than enough
All you gotta do is see                                              
Every moment,                                                So y’all join me right now
As an opportunity to share,                             In celebration of,
As a way to demonstrate,                                This joy filled day...
That you really do care.                                   And by making a vow
                                                                        To keep it that way,
So I’m gonna give                                           By being our spiritual selves,
All that I got,                                                    And not just a lump…
And not view it from                                        Of metaphysical clay.
The perspective, 
Of a little or a lot.
But from seeing myself as the                          I’ll holla….
I have…. 
giving to the I have not.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I know y’all are just as tired as I am of people like Tupac, Michael, Prince and others dying of questionable causes, and then trying to figure out what happened to them, after the fact. Here we are theorizing and hypothesizing, discussing and concluding, yet we have no viable grounds to work from. Fact of the matter is, the best we can do is to have an opinion of what occurred, and take it from there.

Tupac did an alleged expose on the illuminati, and spoke of how they are a major proponent of the inequity that exists within race and class, Michael unabashedly repeated time and time again that “…they don’t really care about us”, and both he and Prince waged a major war against multinational entertainment conglamorate Sony, and theoretically won. They, and many others, of celebrity and non-celebrity status, have fought and died for what they believed in, and although I don’t have the insight and acumen of Dick Gregory, of one thing I am sure, even though we don’t know the half of what’s really going on, we have the resources and wherewithal to not only find out, but to do something about what ain’t on the up and up, and what ain’t in the best interest of us all.

How? Let’s stop talking about what Jay Zee and Beyonce are on until we talk to them. After all we get information about them, from the same source that informs us of what happened to Whitney, and we don’t believe that, so why are we even considering what’s being said about Beyonce having all of a sudden become a black activist, and  about to tell Jay Zee that all his stuff is “…to the left.

Let’s start looking at ourselves and literally asking our selves…”What you on. What you doing about you. We spend way too much time vicariously living our lives through others. We’re rying to make them who we want ourselves to be, we’re putting them down when they don’t live up to our expectations, and then we cry when they leave this earthly realm and say to ourselves…” That ain’t right what they do to our people, and then they lie about what happened. Who is they? It ain’t the illumanti, it ain’t the powers that be, it ain’t the one percent…It’s us Boo, cause we’re allowing stuff to happen and contributing to its perpetuation by not being all that we can be.

Once we get even a vague idea of who we are, once we make a decision to be better today than we were yesterday, and once we purpose to unconditionally give of ourselves to others, we won’t have time to be looking at somebody else’s life, cause we too busy looking at ours. You see, if I’m in your mind then I’m out of mine, and can’t do anything about either of us. However, if I’m working on me, it don’t matter what you doing cause I’ll be able to constructively deal with whatever’s going on, with you and everybody else.

We can stop being tired of what’s happening to us, by adamantly addressing what’s going on inside us, and then collectively resolving what’s going on around us.

I’ll holla…

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