Monday, July 25, 2016

Tell The Truth

My mother called and read a devotion to me, that was related to a discussion we’d had a day earlier. I’ don’t remember the devotion per se, but I do recall the corresponding scriptures. One was Ezekiel 3:4, and it read as follows: “Then God said to me, “Son of man, go to the family of Israel. Speak my words to them.” The other Ezekiel 2:7 which read: “You must tell them what I say, whether they listen or not. They are people who usually refuse to listen! “ 

Now I believe that the bible has been tampered with, and that man made religions have been designed to control others. I also believe that our Creator speaks to us through our sacred writings, and through one another. That being said I speak to you, not as a prophet but as an individual concerned with the urgency of our need to address our current state of affairs, and as one who feels obliged to share my candor with you…regardless of how you might respond.

The majority of white folks are supporting the tenets of “institutionalized racism”, and so are all the black, brown, red, and yellow folk who are doing all they can to be accepted into the so-called mainstream of society. Slavery started in America when African slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to help tobacco farmers make money. America became a free America in 1776, yet technically kept black folks enslaved until 1865, and continue to enslave us through racial inequity. All of which I speak is a by product of the fabricated doctrine of racial inferiority that was invented at the onset of slavery, perpetuates itself by our adherence to this hierarchal society we live in, and thereby remains an intricate part of our very being. People claim they want to help make things right, but still view and respond to situations through the context of what the status quo has already set up, that being socio-economic status being undergirded by racial make-up.

Who is the status quo? It’s the powers that be, the one percent, the illuminati, the establishment or whatever you want to call those who you claim that you are not aligned with. What have they set up. A system that has a hierarchal scale with those at the top having most of everything, the middle having some, and those at the bottom having little or none at all. Most of us want to feel that we are actually helping those less capable then ourselves, but at best we are  patronizing them because we are only doing enough as to not compromise our own position. This type of response is taking place in our homes, our communities, and the world at large. And you know what…It ain’t working as it should.

Now most of you are going to read this and be in denial, and say that what I’ve said doesn’t apply to you. My response to you is to go back to the opening paragraph, acknowledge that I’ve only spoken that which I deem as truth, and if you’ve listened, and are really concerned with where you stand in this regard, I implore you to consider the suggestions, on what can be done, by reading the next blog. 

I’ll holla…

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Numbers Speak For Themselves...What Do We Do

Just computed statistics on the 129 blogs I’ve written since March 12, 2012, and found that I have had 14,413 pageviews, since that date, which averages out to about 111 people having read each blog. What does this revelation have to do with anything. Well,  in terms of numbers, it means that out of over 6 billion people on the planet, there are only about 111 people that read each blog.

As for me, it serves as a reminder that I have work to do, cause I’m still allowing myself to get caught up in how much attention I’m getting, rather than how much focus I’m putting on the lives of others. And as reflected in a blog dated April 17, 2012, entitled ‘Seeing Me In You’,  “Behavior doesn’t change overnight, but I’m going to purpose from this point on to respect rather than begrudge, to relate rather than compare, to build up rather than tear down”.

Another blog entitled “Facebook Is Real…Are You”, written June 29, 2016, spoke directly about our afflictions with and addictions to how many ‘friends’ and ‘likes’  we accumulate on our facebook page(s)., and here I am, the very next week, concerned with how many people read my blogs. It’s a reality check y’all, and I’m so elated that God has blessed me with another opportunity, to see how easy it is to get caught up in the matrix of virtual reality, and thereby disconnect myself from the sunshine of the spirit. 

The following is the introduction to the webpage “Time To Holla Back”, and was not intended as a blog. It’s listed as one however, with 41 pageviews by the way, and it speaks volumes to the message being conveyed here. Here’s how it goes:

“Like to thank all of you for accessing my blog, and hope that we can all connect to the spiritual consciousness inherent in us all, and fulfill our obligation to share our experiences, strengths, and hopes with one another. 
Love Ya’ll     Love: “The act of being one”

I still feel the same way y’all, still gon try to be one with all of you as I continue to write these blogs, and request that you feel free to holla back whenever you detect me falling short of that endeavor.

I’ll holla…

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Facebook Is Real...Are You?

Once we announce that we have 4,999 ‘friends’, whenever we mention how many people we have defriended, and boast about how quickly we have replaced them with new ones, we’ve been compelled into thinking that facebook is ‘real-life’ and not the virtual reality that it has always been. We’ve begun to believe that those who are not as conscious as ourselves, will remain in the dark until they listen to what we have to say. 

It stands to reason then, why so many of us don’t go to sleep without first checking how many likes we’ve received on our latest post(s). It’s understandable as well why we wake up in the morning and check our page before getting out of bed, and it gives credence to why we’re facebooking at breakfast, on the way to work, on our sanctioned and unsanctioned breaks, at lunch, on the way home, and time and time again before going to sleep.  

Facebook is a social media, that can assist us in expanding whatever endeavor we’ve undertaken. It’s a mode of networking, that’s at least equal to any means we’ve employed thus far, and it can take us to a level where beings all over the world, and perhaps beyond, can be exposed to who we say we are, what we claim we’ve done, and what we assert that we’re about to do.

We already know that facebook is exponentially increasing the number of people we’re capable of reaching, and we want to believe that we’re making a positive contribution to other people’s lives, The fact of the matter is that facebook is doing what we want it to do, but what about us. Can we honestly say that we are actually living the messages that we are trying to convey. If you believe that you are, I challenge you to challenge yourself.

Take a selfie, and prior to going on facebook when you wake up in the morning, look at that picture of yourself and say to it…“Today I’m going to do something that benefits another. Then, at some time during the day, do just that. Call or text somebody you haven’t talked to in a minute, give a homeless person a dollar, say hello to a stranger, or do whatever your ingenious mind can come up with to uplift somebody other than yourself. 

Then at night, after checking your facebook page, look at your selfie again and say… “I’m proud of you. Today you made someone else’s life better as a result of their having been in your presence. Try that methodology for at least a week, and I guarantee that you won’t be as concerned with how many so called friends like what you say, as you are with how much of a real friend you’ve become. 

Let facebook do what it do, as we try to become more than just the image of us that we’ve put on display.

I‘ll holla…

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