Monday, March 6, 2017

The Virtue In Sin

Now I ’ve thought about two perspectives regarding our behavior. One, is the belief that 
we’ve all been born sinners.. The second, is that we’re born into a sinful world. I’m going with the second one because I believe that we are born perfect, and our major objective is to love who we are, and to love those we share this world with.

I believe the very concept of sin has been overplayed, and that we can rather view our negative behavior as the mistakes we make in our treatment of ourselves and of others. We make these mistakes because we’ve been bombarded all our lives with the striving to be better than another. Our focus, on whether we’re superior or inferior to somebody else, makes it hard for us to think about how we’re treating them. How we view or treat another might make us uncomfortable at times, because our inborn intent is not to hurt them. However, by focusing on whose right and whose wrong, we usually see the other person as wrong, and wind up being overly judgemental and ready to condemn.

We’re so upset by how we’re been affected by another, that we negatively respond by talking about what they’ve done to us, verbally and/or physically lashing out at them with a vengenance, or we simply vow to never be involved with them again.We’re so focused on correcting their faults that we don’t even think about reassessing ourselves and considering the role we might have played in bringing about this discomfort.

Once we realize and understand, that our seeing a shortcoming in another has given us an opportunity to view our own faults, we can return to who we have been created to be.

A recognition of our own mistakes is the beginning of righteous living. It can lead us to an altering of our thoughts and actions, and can take us back to that original state of pureness of heart.  Once we start embracing and enacting that state of being, we will begin to receive all the joy and peace that has eluded us for such a long, long time. 

It’s simple y’all, but not easy, so let’s not beat up on ourselves if we make another mistake. Just remember that it’s an opportunity to experience our human weaknesses, so that we can return to being a blessing to someone else, and to ourselves in the process.

I’ll holla…

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