Monday, June 12, 2017

Shaunie D In Kenya A...A Dedication

Africa is an entire continent, not a country. As a matter of fact it’s the second largest and the second most populated continent in the world. Kenya is a whole nation, not a state. It’s 224,445 sq mi, and has a population of about 48 million people. That’s bigger than Iowa and California combined, and it’s comprised of 6 million more people. That’s where Shaunie D is going y’all, and we want to bless you Shaunie. We want to bless all the people you meet, and all that you see, hear and do while you’re there. It’s a big place, but so is what you’re about to do.

I’m gonna share your words, cause I know that by doing so we will all feel the post graduate frustration, the  subsequent anticipation and the well deserved heartfelt exuberance you expressed. Here’s what you said:

”I went through about 5 months of job hunting (and stressing) after graduation. It was so hard to be patient. In October I became a program assistant for an afterschool program called the “Kids Rock Klub”…Unfortunately they didn't get their grant renewed for the program, and I shifted from 40 hours a week to 15. Yikes! Good news though.Thanks to my boss passing my resume around, to different nonprofits, I start working for the Corona/Norco YMCA on the 13th. So many twists and turns with this post-grad life! Aside from that I'm going on a missions trip to Kenya in July! I've wanted to do it since I was 13 so words can't describe my excitement.”

Yes they can Shaunie, and we want you to always hold on to our belief that what you’re experiencing is a Divine Calling, your life is unfolding exactly as it should, and we’re more than excited about your future.

While you’re away, and we’re back here discussing the critical issues of the day, be present wherever you are and understand that it’s you who will determine whether to take what you learn and use it to guide our world toward justice and joy, to use the time spent there as an opportunity for reflection and relaxation, or maybe a combination of both. Just remember that whatever choice you make it’s the right choice, because your desire to go, and reason for wanting to be there, were made with the best of intentions.

If at any time while in the Motherland, where it all began, you begin feeling that some experience is falling short of what you thought it would be, please remember that it’s only because you expected something different, and your expectations were based only on what you heard or saw somebody else say. We all know that what you hear from somebody else is only an opinion if they have not experienced it. And even if they have, what they say can still be untrue if their motive for telling you is not pure. 

You fixin to know the truth Shaunie D, and when you get back, we want you to share it with us, and with all those who are willing to listen. So don’t expect any thing to be other than what it is, and accept every thing for what it is, cause it’s the truth Ruth, and we already know that we ain’t gonna get nothing but the truth from you.

We’ll holla…

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