Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Choice Is Not A Decision

So many times we think that when we choose one thing over the other, we’ve made a decision, when in reality we’ve made a choice. We’ve allowed some one or some thing to coerce us into a situation that we have reacted to rather than having been proactive about. Again, we have not created a decision, we have responded to a choice.

When Barak Obama ran for president,I created a mindset that would not allow anything to stop me from voting for him. When Hillary Clinton ran against Trump, I responded by choosing who I considered to be the lesser of two (2) evils.

Now don’t get it twisted. I’m not saying that a decision is right, and a choice is wrong. I’m contending that a decision allows us an opportunity to go inside ourselves, to examine our ethical and moral foundation, in terms of what we know is the righteous thing to do, and then to stand firm on that decision. 

On the other hand, a choice is based solely on our past experiences, and what we hope will happen in the future. We remember the last thing that happened when we made what we considered to be the wrong choice, and we’re hoping to make the right one this time around.

We’d like to have some degree of control over the outome, whether we make a decision or a choice. Yet the outcome of either is contingent on what is beyond our control, because what happens at the end of the day is entirely in the hands of a power greater than ourselves. For me that means that I am not liable for the aftermath of my decision or choice, but I am fully responsible for my intent, and the subsequent effort(s) I employ in an attempt to bring that intent into fruition. 

All of this is why I feel it to be of utmost importance that we focus on making decisions rather than choosing what another entity has put before us, Because by doing so, we have been coerced into making a choice based solely on our past experiences, and/or what we hope the future will be. 

We must first decide who we are, and not choose who we or others want us to be. We have to be immersed in a consciousness that says our integrity will not be compromised, and that we will stand firmly on what we know to be righteous. Only then can we be willing to acccept and subsequently, be okay with whatever the outcome is, because we have made a decision that is grounded and steadfast in righteousness and honorable intent, and not a choice based on what another believes to be right.

I’ll holla…

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